Jennifer Lopez’s Money Piece Highlights Have Never Looked This Good — See Photo

In Jennifer Lopez land, every movie premiere, talk show visit, or photo op features her money piece highlights standing strong and on everyone’s radar. I want what she’s having — and that’s golden, contrasted strands in the front layers of her hair that have managed to peek through even in her signature snatched updos.

Lately, she’s been all about bombshell waves that round out at the temples, just like she wore on the night of January 18 for her visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios while promoting her new romantic comedy, Shotgun Wedding. Lopez posted a jaw-dropping Instagram photo of the look just hours before the appearance. Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons seemingly teased out Lopez’s roots before he went on to curl the body of layers. Earlier that day, however, Fitzsimons kept the style romantic yet casual by pinning back some front sections of her hair with a soft hold. 

Getty Images

There are endless ways to do the money piece hair trend. You’ve got deep brunettes going mega auburn in the front, and while the days came and went with the many celebrities who took on rainbow hair, you may have even seen the money piece highlight trend shine on a head with a fuchsia pink base color and baby-pink accents as well. 

Lopez’s highlights are all about reading in between the lines — not figuratively but literally; they easily blend in while accentuating her caramel brunette hair color and complimenting her olive skin tone. With her effortless transition of hairstyles for a day (and night) of studio talk even has us thinking that her money piece highlights are looking better than ever.


All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In January

At least once a week, the writers and editors on Refinery29’s Life team get into a long Slack conversation about some cool new item that’s been absolutely saving or changing or elevating our lives. So we decided to share the wealth, and highlight some of our favorite products and experiences each month.

This month, we’re beating that winter slump with upcycled jam, nostalgic ’90s candles, and the perfect work-from-home athleisure. Plus, our senior editor is getting married this year and excited to share all her wedding picks!

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

“I’ll be honest here: I gave in to the allure of the Sephora checkout line. I grabbed this hair oil on a whim one day while I was waiting to pay for my haul and have been repurchasing ever since. I’m not a big hair product person, but my strands tend to get pretty dry so I’ve been adding a few drops of this to my ends post-wash day and whenever I feel like they need a pick me up. Bonus: The packaging makes my nightstand look like a luxe hair salon.” — Elizabeth Gulino, Senior Writer

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil, $, available at Sephora

Free People Hit The Slopes Fleece

“This jacket already has enough hype — no, really, our team just bulk reviewed it — so I won’t go too into why I love it. It’s cozy, it’s roomy enough to fit a sweatshirt under it, and it has all the pockets in the world so you won’t need to carry a bag on your hot girl walks. I received this as a Christmas present from my mother in black, and it’s definitely something I would purchase again for myself. Personally, I’m eyeing the sapphire and sparked colors for my next one.” — EG

FP Movement Hit The Slopes Fleece, $, available at Free People

Oswald Chia Smash Jam

“I can’t even remember now how I first discovered this chia-forward, upcycled gem of a jam, but it’s been a staple in my fridge for years now — as commonplace as cheese and bread (and tbh, it pairs damn well with both). The raspberry flavor in particular is delicious and decently nutritious, as it’s sweetened naturally with dates. Plus, it feels like I’m doing something good for the planet when I eat it because it’s made from “imperfect” fruits that can’t be sold in stores because they’re either misshapen or off-colored, thus combatting food waste. All told? This stuff is my jam (I had to).” — Molly Longman, Senior Staff Writer

Oswald Oswald Chia Smash Jam, $, available at Oswald

Perforated Fastening Tape

“Yes, this is velcro tape. I know it’s kind of nerdy but it’s by the Japanese brand, MUJI, so I love that it looks nice and minimalist and it works. Why do I need velcro tape you ask? Because right now my bag is full of phone cords, charging cables, headphone plugs, computer chargers, and adapters galore. I’ve been schlepping all of my computer paraphernalia back and forth from home to office and I’m obsessed with keeping everything organized. This thin velcro tape is perforated so you just rip off however much you need and can easily organize each of those cords from tangling your life. It isn’t sticky and it’s not the annoying velcro that gets caught on everything you own. Plus, it’s under $3.” — Lisa Dionisio, Newsletter Director

Muji Perforated Fastening Tape, $, available at Muji

Lululemon Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

“I may already have several of these Lululemon hoodies in my closet but since I live in them when I’m working from home I try to justify that I need several colors so my neighbors don’t assume I’m wearing the same thing every single day. I ordered it in the perfect shade of blue and it’s warm and cozy and made for layering under winter coats. Plus, I’m a big fan of the thumb slit in the cuffs to keep my fingers from getting frostbite on my walks around NYC.” — LD

Lululemon Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie, $, available at Lululemon

Zola DIY Wedding Invitations

“After three years of COVID delays and nearly four years of engagement, my wedding is finally happening this summer. We’ve had a lot of time to tinker with exactly what we want our invitations to look like, and after much trial and error, we decided we really just wanted to design them ourselves. Thankfully, Zola allowed us to seamlessly upload our own design, match us with an envelope, and order samples until we landed on our perfect design. But my favorite part about Zola’s invitations? They address them for you! We simply uploaded our list and they took care of the rest, giving us beautifully crafted and affordable invites.” — Hannah Rimm, Senior Life Editor

Zola DIY Portrait, $, available at Zola

Zippo Rechargeable Candle Lighter

“I am a candle girly, but I am also a clumsy girly, which means I have burned myself literally hundreds of times trying to light a candle with a traditional lighter. Luckily for my fingers, this candle lighter came into my life. It has a long, bendable neck, perfect for every shape of candle, and it’s electric — making it windproof, lighter fluid-free, and extremely fun to show friends because it looks like mini lightning and makes an exciting buzzing sound. Plus, the rose gold sleekness of it all adds a nice touch to my coffee table.” — HR

Zippo Rechargeable Candle Lighter, $, available at Zippo

Otherland Blue Jean Baby Candle

“The ’90s are back, and although I could leave some of the fashion behind (you can take my high-waisted jeans out of my cold dead hands thank you very much), I am here for the scents. Otherland’s newest collection contains three ’90s-themed scents, and Blue Jean Baby is my personal favorite. It smells like clean laundry and the excitement of entering a mall with a crisp $20 bill burning a hole in the pocket of your Abercrombie jeans. Plus, Otherland’s packaging is always gorgeous and easily repurposed into a makeup brush or pen holder after you’ve burned through all 55 hours of candle.” — HR

Otherland Blue Jean Baby Candle, $, available at Otherland

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Nike Sues Lululemon Over Patent Infringement on Sneakers

Only five days after seeking legal action against BAPE, Nike zeroes on its next target: Lululemon.

On January 30, the sportswear behemoth moved to sue Lululemon, claiming the athleisure brand infringed on its patented sneaker designs.

Specifically, Nike named Lululemon’s Chargefeel Mid, Chargefeel Low, Blissfeel, and Strongfeel shoes as at least four silhouettes which infringe on intellectual property relating to Nike’s FlyKnit technology — allegations also brought upon PUMA, adidas, and Skechers in the past.

Basically, Nike claims Lululemon’s footwear violates patents relating to textile elements — the knit features and webbed details — and performance.

Lululemon’s shoes, all of which debuted just last year, allegedly brought “economic harm” and “irreparable damage” to Nike’s brand, or so the Oregon-based sportswear claims.

“Nike’s claims are unjustified, and we look forward to proving our case in court,” a Lululemon spokesperson said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time Nike and Lululemon have battled it out in court. Just last year in January, Nike sued the brand, alleging its at-home workout Mirror system and mobile apps infringed on six Nike patents. Nike sought triple in damages then, while the latest amount remains underwraps.

Lululemon’s latest case joins Nike’s lengthy thread of legal battles, including those with BAPE and John Geiger.

Nonetheless, some fresh BAPE STAs just hit the streets today, courtesy of SSENSE.

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The Best Wool Socks for Warm Feet All Winter Long

Good socks are one of those things that will change your life more than you’d think. It may not make sense when you first see a two-figure price tag attached to just one pair of socks. But the upgrade is something your feet will be glad for. You’re feeling them with every step, after all. Once you make your way out of the plastic of the multi-pack cheap-o socks, you’ll enter a world of better-fitting, longer-lasting, more comfortable socks and you’ll not want to step back.

The History of Wool Socks

Fresh on the scene, a few thousand years before our timelines switched to AD, socks were likely made not of fur, but of animal hides. They would transition, somewhere along the way, to be made of matted fur, a step closer to the knitted variety you’re wearing right now. Eventually, matted fur stockings gave way to hand-knitted socks and remained that way for centuries before the invention of knitting machines dipped its toes into hosiery around the 1500s. Though this expedited the sock-making process significantly, hand-knitters and their looming obsolescence worked in harmony.

What to Know

Today, we have more socks than ever. Though we’ve advanced in hosiery tech and imbued socks with all kinds of materials like acrylic, nylon and polyester, the time-tested wool sock is still a great option — maybe even the best option.

Why Wool?

Today wool is a top choice when the cooler months creep in, thanks to its superior insulating properties. But it’s also a great option for year-round wear. Wool also helps absorb moisture better than cotton, which is ideal seeing as your feet produce about half a pint of sweat every day. Wool also dries faster than cotton, is naturally odor-resistant and even maintains its insulating properties when it’s wet.

Types of Wool Socks


Wool is the natural fleece fiber shorn from animals such as sheep, lamb and goat.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is known for its fine fibers which offer a supremely soft hand and make it a great material for garments like base layers that have direct contact with the wearer’s skin. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, which means it won’t stink.


A wool produced by special goats, cashmere is an extremely fine fiber with about the same thickness as ultra-fine merino but at a considerably higher price.


Many brands mix wool with nylon or cotton, which lends softness but improves the overall durability of the garment.

When to Wear Wool Socks

If you’re convinced, as you should be, check out our list below — we’ve dug our feet into the research (pun intended) and picked the top wool socks on the market. We break down the best everyday socks to wool socks ideal for long hikes to cashmere socks that look best kicked up on the couch in front of the TV doing nothing at all, but double as the ideal dress sock, too.

More Socks for Men

    Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks

    Best Overall Wool Socks

    Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks

    Bombas offers some of the most detailed socks for the price. These feature a unique honeycomb arch support, cushioned footbed, seamless toe and y-stitched heel, all wrapped in a merino wool fabric that’s great for year-round wear.

    Falke Airport City Virgin Wool-Blend Socks

    Best Upgrade Wool Socks

    Falke Airport City Virgin Wool-Blend Socks

    Crafted in Germany, these socks are on the thinner, dressier end of the woolen hosiery spectrum. They feature softer-than-average virgin wool blended with cotton, polyamide and elastane for a pair of socks that’s warm yet breathable, lightweight yet sturdy. The flat whip stitch toe is an extra step to make sure that there aren’t any annoying seams pressing against your little piggies.

    Wigwam Lightweight Wool Athletic Socks

    Best Affordable Wool Socks

    Wigwam 625 Wool Socks

    Wigwam has been in the sock game since 1905 and still crafts its hosiery in Wisconsin. The 625 has been in the brand’s catalog since the ’60s, so it has a reputation. Merino wool, durable nylon and nothing else, these socks don’t offer any extra stretch but the natural elasticity of the wool itself.

    Smartwool New Classic Rib Socks


    Best Everyday Wool Socks

    Smartwool Everyday Classic Rib Socks

    Smartwool’s Virtually Seamless toe, extended ribbing and added cushion make it one of the most comfortable options out there.

    Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock


    Best Wool Socks for Outdoor Activities

    Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock

    It’s mighty difficult to get a sock much better than this for the price. Darn Tough’s Hiker Boot Sock is our pick for the best long-distance hiking boot sock, but it’s also a great all-around sock. It’s got a super flat, super comfortable toe and an ironclad guarantee.

    American Supermerino Socks

    Best Compression Wool Socks

    American Trench Supermerino Socks


    Knitted in North Carolina, American Trench’s Supermerino Socks are tight and compressive while being soft and flexible. It starts with Italian-spun merino wool reinforced with nylon and is finished with a few dashes of spandex for better elasticity.

    L.L. Bean Wool Ragg Sock


    Best Wool Socks for Boots

    L.L. Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks (2-Pack)

    Made in the US from Australian merino wool, the Bean’s two-pack features a generous amount of stretch with 21 percent stretch nylon and 2 percent lycra. It’s got a woodsy camp sock feel befitting of a hardened lumberjack but is softer than you’d expect. We also like they come in four different sizes so you can get an even better fit.

    Johnstons of Elgin Ribbed Cashmere Socks


    Best Wool Socks for the Office

    Johnstons of Elgin Ribbed Cashmere Socks


    Made of pure cashmere that’s milled using Scottish waters, these socks are decadent. They needn’t be loud because the materials and construction truly speak for themselves.

    Quince Cashmere Trouser Sock

    Best Affordable Cashmere Socks

    Quince Cashmere Trouser Sock

    Quince’s popular Cashmere Trouser Socks are back in stock after a brief hiatus. They’re super-popular, soft and incredibly luxe — hence why one would wear them with trousers. They’re the ultimate upgrade over your usual dress socks.

    Anonymous Ism Herringbone Sock


    Most Stylish Wool Socks

    Anonymous Ism Herringbone Crew Sock

    Ditch solids for a splashier herringbone pattern. Famed Japanese sock brand Anonymous Ism, known for its bold tie dye, mixes wool and nylon for this traditional design, which has both texture and visual interest.


    16 Best Barrier Repair Treatments 2023 to Replenish Dry, Damaged Skin: Kiehl’s, Dr. Jart, Caudalie

    This thick Ultra Facial Advanced Repair Barrier Cream from Kiehl’s feels sinful as you apply it, relieving dry patches, making the skin appear visibly smoother, and reducing redness. It contains a blend of glycerin, urea, and squalane which provide intense hydration to the skin. No level of dryness is too severe for this cream — here’s looking at you, scaly winter skin. 

    Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum

    SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair

    Cocokind’s Ceramide Barrier Serum is specially formulated with five types of synthetic ceramides and lipids that mimic and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. A little goes a long way — you only need two to three for your entire face. With regular use, you’ll notice a significant reduction in redness caused by ongoing skin irritation. 

    Although the texture of this SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair lotion is light and airy, it should not be underestimated. You only need a pea-sized amount to nurse your skin barrier back to health after an intense facial treatment like laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion. It’s formulated with a soothing combination of sodium palmitoyl proline and nymphea alba flower extract to calm irritated skin and ease any discomfort. 

    Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol

    Biopelle Tensage Stem Cell Cream

    Paula’s Choice ​​Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol has a light, creamy texture that absorbs in seconds, visibly improves redness and uneven tone, and helps the skin look plumper. It also doubles as an elasticity-boosting treatment, thanks to its use of retinol which has been proven to visibly firm the skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

    Dr. Clark-Loeser’s go-to barrier repair product is this Tensage Stem Cell Cream from Biopelle because it contains ceramides, which are one of the best-known ingredients for repairing the skin barrier. In addition, it contains Biopelle’s trademarked CellPro Technology, which helps promote healthy stem cell function, further promoting a healthy skin barrier. 

    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Rich Barrier Moisturizer

    Caudalie Premier Cru The Rich Cream

    Struggling with dehydration? Try your hand at this Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Rich Barrier Moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth. The soft and weightless formula is anchored by the brand’s patented moisture barrier-boosting complex which works to counter the effects of dehydrators and provide up to 120 hours of increased hydration. 

    For immediate relief from redness, flakiness, and peeling (a hallmark of a damaged skin barrier), consider this Premier Cru The Rich Cream from Caudalie. It errs on the pricier side of things, but it’s worth it to bathe your skin in a luxurious blend of lipid-replenishing bio-ceramides. Did we mention that its sibling, The Cream, won a 2022 Best of Beauty Award? If you thought that formula was indulgent, just you wait.

    Murad Daily Defense Colloidal Oatmeal Cream

    Etude House SoonJung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream

    This Daily Defense Colloidal Oatmeal Cream from Murad contains a proprietary mixture of colloidal oatmeal, niacinamide, and mondo grass sugars, which retains essential moisture and lipids, strengthening the skin from within while also prolonging relief from eczema flare-ups.  The sealed pump is also great for those of us who are prone to making a mess in the bathroom, and there’s less potential for the spread of bacteria. 


    How to Organize Your Closet

    Here at Coveteur, we know our way around a good closet. Once you get past the intrigue of the collections themselves, the way they are kept and organized can often prove just as inspiring. Perhaps that’s Taylor Hill hanging her denim by each pair’s belt loops upon hooks, a solution she refers to as a “denim bar.” Or maybe it’s stacking your vintage t-shirt collection in open shelving so every item is visible à la stylist Ian Bradley. We’ve rounded up the best tips, from the minute to the grandiose, discovered in these magical spaces for you to apply to your own closet.

    1. Group Shoes by Type

    Photo: Anthony Blue Jr.

    Naomi Elizée doesn’t meticulously sort her shoes but does loosely group by type—boots on one level, heels on the next.

    2. Stack Your T-shirts

    Photo: Kadar R. Small

    When it comes to a t-shirt collection, take a note from Ian Bradley‘s closet and stack yours upon open shelving. That way you can actually see what you have.

    3. Add Bins to Upper-Level Shelving

    Photo: Rasaan Wyzard

    Take advantage of overhead shelving, as Plant Kween did. This is perfect for off-season items that you don’t need your eyes on at that particular moment in time.

    4. Keep Inspiration In View

    Photo: Tim Buol

    For those of us as sartorially obsessed as stylist Alexander Julian Gibson, closets are already a place of inspiration. So why not take it to the next level and toss a few reference images in the mix.

    5. Use Nails As Tie Hooks

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    If you’re as into this preppy staple as Rowing Blazer’s Jack Carlson is, DIY some nail-head storage—the perfect solution to storing long fabric accessories such as ties or scarves.

    6. Get Creative With the Appearance of Storage

    Photo: Coveteur

    Storage shouldn’t simply be functional but beautiful, too. In the case of Jessica Hart‘s enviable closet space, she used industrial iron pipes to serve as the foundation for hanging racks.

    7. Prioritize Most-Used Pieces

    Photo: Tim Buol

    It’s evident Jim Moore is a uniform dresser. If you’re as well-versed in the pieces you wear most, keep your collection of those items front and center.

    8. Jewelry Deserves A Front Row Spot

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    What is jewelry if not art? Lucinda Loya proves this idea by displaying her jewelry stands on the island in her walk-in.

    9. Group Like Materials Together

    Photo: Morgan Pansing

    In the case of both your hanging and stacked items, sort according to the rainbow as Natalie Bloomingdale does for both a visually pleasing and efficient result.

    10. Utilize Closet Doors

    Photo: Kyle May

    Tastemaker Michelle Li doesn’t waste an inch of her small but mighty closet space. Even the doors provide extra means of storage with hanging shoe organizers.

    11. Let Jewelry Boxes Serve A Function

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    Don’t toss those pretty jewelry boxes. Instead, like Rosella Della Giovampaola, let them serve a function: a way to protectively store fine jewelry.

    12. Keep Your Shoeboxes

    Photo: Lawrence Agyei

    In the closet of Joe Fresh Goods, shoeboxes are kept both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

    13. Store Shoes In Every Nook and Cranny

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    Closet space is precious, so don’t waste a single inch. As Sari Sloane does, stick shoes in any nook or cranny available.

    14. You Can Even Store Them In Cabinets

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    Stella Bugbee lets her closet storage leak over into a space that previously served as a kitchen. I.e. her shoes have taken up residence in cabinets.

    15. Hang Denim On Hooks

    Photo: AB+DM for The Only Agency

    Taylor Hill calls this her “denim bar.” Here, she hangs her jeans by a belt loop on a row of S-shaped hooks.

    16. No Creative Way to Hang? Stack!

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    If hanging isn’t right for your particular closet space, stack your denim for optimal visibility as 3×1 co-founder Rachel Lamel does.

    17. All A Closet Needs to Be A Closet Is A Rack

    Photo: Tim Buol

    A closet is but a state of mind—a hanging rack is all you need. In the case of designer Tia Adeola, she keeps clothes in full view in her creative space.

    18. Cubbies Are Perfect for Shoe Storage

    Photo: Tristan Kallas

    Footwear designer Tamara Mellon knows a thing or two about shoes—and shoe storage, no surprise. In her closet, she proves the versatility of cubbies for housing her collection.

    19. Color Coordinate As Best You Can

    Photo: Tristan Kallas

    Brad Goreski‘s closet proves that color-coordinated storage is not an exact science, but a general framework to arrange your clothing.

    20. Employ A Hat Rack

    Photo: Alec Kugler

    If you collect hats like stylist Venus Fabbricatore, add a hat rack to the mix to keep them in your line of eyesight (and preserve their condition).

    21. Implement A Signature Color

    Photo: Lia Clay Miller

    Leah McSweeney knows her signature hue—case in point: this dusty rose that blankets her wardrobe. Find yours and let it inform your decisions regarding storage solutions.

    22. Anything Can Be A Vehicle For Jewelry Display

    Photo: Coveteur

    Allow your pieces of art to take on functional personas; Kim Hastreiter proves that jewelry can be hung on just about anything.

    23. Hang Your Belts On A Rack

    Photo: Jackie Lee Young

    Leon Bridges is a collector. In his personal closet, he uses a typical closet bar to store his impressive set of unique belts.

    24. Roll Your Knits

    Photo: Sean Davidson

    Alejandra Alonso Rojas has a penchant for knitwear. Here she shows us that in shallow drawers, rolling them is best for visualization purposes.

    25. Store Structured Handbags Vertically

    Photo: Silver Chang

    Let structured handbags stand on their own, as does Laura Kim in her fanciful closet. That way, their visual prowess is unhindered.


    Nom Nom Dog Food Healthy Fresh Diet For Pets Review

    Now let’s talk about pricing, which is one of the biggest deterrents to a fresh food diet. (If you don’t want to subscribe just yet, you can also find Nom Nom at your local PetSmart stores in addition to With Miso’s plan, it would cost me $29.47 per week — that’s definitely not nothing, taking into account that you could get a five-pound bag of kibble for about $20. However, Nom Nom is here to help you out in this department: With any new signup, you can get 50% off a two-week trial (which ended up only $36.97 for Miso), which TBH, is not a bad deal at all. Of course, if you have a larger dog (or more than one), this price will vary. However, as any pet parent will tell you, it’s hard to put a price on happy dogs and full bellies. Since Miso is still relatively young and healthy, I might do Nom Nom for dinner and his vet-approved kibble for breakfast to stretch each box, but if you have a senior dog or one with special dietary needs, then you may want to check with your vet to see if a fresh diet can benefit your furry friend. As for us? Miso is continuing to live his best life, happily fueled by Nom Nom.


    A Guide to Buying an E-Bike In 2023

    As of 2021, the e-bike market was said to be worth almost 30 billion USD, with projections estimating that it will grow to $55 billion by 2027, and almost $120 billion by 2030.

    To put it simply: e-bikes are the future — but you already knew that.

    What you might not know, however, is that e-bikes aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days of road bikes trudging along with giant electric motors on their slender frames, and those massive e-bikes that looked more like a motorcycle than they did a push bike.

    For now, we are in an era where it’s near-on impossible to tell the difference between a motorized bicycle and a traditional one. Things have become so incognito, you’d be silly not to pedal with a little assistance.

    According to data, there are over 300 million e-bikes being used on a daily basis, which, too, means there are plenty of cycling brands to choose from.

    Luckily, in the name of delivering informative #content, Highsnobiety has selected a handful of brands you should be looking at for when you (finally) join the e-bike revolution. Happy cycling.


    Vela isn’t like other e-bike brands. Since its inception in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, the brand has since relocated to Detroit, United States, and centered itself around the classic 1970s French design aesthetic that saw it stand-out from the crowd in the outset.

    In truth, a Vela e-bike couldn’t look any less like an e-bike, but that’s it’s beauty. Despite looking less-tech than most, it doesn’t mean a Vela isn’t full of it, with features like a 4G SIM card for tracking and remote locking running through its collections.

    Vela is a brand for those seeking a forward-thinking bike, with a traditional, old school feel, and for those who enjoy perusing around town. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s in a realm of its own.


    In the world of e-bikes, VanMoof is one of the most well-known. Founded in 2009 by two Dutch brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, VanMoof was born out of a desire to create “the perfect city bike” and has been at the forefront of the sector ever since. More recently, the label has found itself at the centre of a handful of trendy collaborations, most notably with the likes of LOEWE, Jacquemus, and even Highsnobiety.

    Following the largest ever Series C investment which raised $128 million USD in 2021, VanMoof has taken things up a notch, cementing itself as the poster boy of e-bikes. Sleek, minimalist, and functional, you can’t go far wrong with a VanMoof, that’s for sure.


    Anyone into cycling will be well aware of Specialized. From grand tour winners to everyday riders, the American brand has become one of the most renowned brands in the world of cycling thanks to its high-spec frames and state-of-the-art technology. To put it bluntly: they’re damn good.

    In 2012, Specialized made its first foray into the world of e-bikes with the aim of creating an experience that felt and looked like riding a traditional push bike. Thanks to its innovative Turbo SL System that was eventually introduced seven years later, Specialized finds itself as one of the best in e-bikes, too. Shocker.


    Belgium-based outfit Cowboy is one of the most popular e-bike brands in the industry, and for good reason, too. Claiming to offer riders a smooth and agile ride backed its a range of innovative tech and apps, it’s a brand that cares as much about the journey as it does the product itself. Since it was founded in 2017 with the lofty goal of “revitalising urban cycling,” Cowboy’s rise has been impressive, to say the least, generating over €1 million worth of sales in its first four months of trading. Impressive stuff.


    Like Specialized, Canyon has been a major player in cycling for some time now, it too providing bikes for the world’s finest. Unlike Specialised, however, Canyon’s entrance into e-bikes came a lot later, six years later in fact. Now a fully-established creator of all bicycles (both electric and traditional), Canyon’s credentials should never be questioned.

    As it happens, the brand has just released its new Commuter:ON 7, an everyday commuter bike perfect for café hopping or blitzing down the canal at the weekends. Despite an impressive list of city-ready features that include built-in lights, fenders and a sturdy rear rack, the bike is deceptively lightweight at just 17.2 kg.


    The brainchild of former McLaren Cars design engineer Richard Thorpe, GoCycle is a bit of an OG when it comes to e-bikes. After winning the Best Electric Bike award at Eurobike 2009, GoCycle has gone on to become a leader in the e-bike market, more specifically frames that fold, too.

    GoCycle’s mission is, and always has been simple: to create the world’s best urban electric bikes, according to its website. While I’m not going to sit here and declare GoCycle the winner (I’ll let you judge that one), the accolades do indeed speak for themselves.

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    A $1,000 Performance Puffer Worth the Price

    In my opinion, there’s performance gear and, well, luxury performance gear. The former is the stuff novices wear, whether planning hikes in colder places or dressing for daily life in an outdoors-centric city. It’s functional, wallet-friendly and typically the product of known, reputable brands, like Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear or Cotopaxi. To put it nicely, it’s crunchy — what the unfussy find fashionable — but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, you can find options from each brand in our buying guide to down jackets.

    But there are other options out there — namely in the “fashion” space, where jackets are described less by their function and more by their aesthetics. Case in point? Fashion brands’ tendency to call down jackets puffers, instead of down jackets. This subtle linguistic switch often signals technical inferiority, at least at lower price points.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, you’ll find plenty of pricy (but impressively warm) jackets. Options from Canada Goose, for example — the quintessential Canadian luxury coat brand with famous (and filthy rich) fans aplenty. But there’s another Canadian brand at this level, albeit only as of late: Nobis, which was co-founded in 2007 by former Canada Goose VP Robin Yates. His brand’s jackets are similarly sleek and modern, but with fresher energy and a logo that’s less recognizable — just look at the Supra Performance Puffer.

    At least that was the feedback I got from friends when I wore it out: “Who makes this?” one asked. “Is this Lulu?” another implied, although I’d argue Yates would take that as an insult. There is something undeniably athleisure about the Supra, though, whether it’s its gray-ish hue or its elasticated neck and cuffs. That being said, it isn’t just show — it does perform.

    Nobis Supra Performance Puffer Review


    Nobis Supra Performance Puffer

    • Incredibly warm, especially with its in-line collar
    • The cuffs are elasticated to keep the cold out
    • Hand pockets are lined for extra softness
    • Rated for -22 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Magnetic pockets are easy to access even with gloves on
    • Uncomfortable fully zipped up unless the hood is up too
    • The black color isn’t really black, but it works

    • Origin: Canada
    • Temperature Rating: -22 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Fill Power: 650
    • Down: Canadian origin white duck down
    • Length: Hip
    • Waterproof: Yes (DWR finish)
    • Care: Machine washable

      What’s Good About the Nobis Supra Performance Puffer

      nobis hood

      This is how the Puffer looks zipped up, hood down.


      It’s incredibly warm, and well-equipped to keep you dry.

      Rather than follow industry-wide standards like fill power, a pillar principle by which down jackets are (in a way) graded, Nobis uses a proprietary system it calls Down Density Indicator. On this scale, the Nobis Supra Performance Puffer is equipped for temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s nearly 10 degrees colder than comparable Canada Goose jackets are graded for.

      That being said, this isn’t a “lightweight” jacket. It uses a minimum of 80 percent premium Canadian origin white duck down insulation, which is only makes up one part of its heat retention and waterproof protection systems. There are five components to the Nobis Supra Puffer: the Nobis laminate, which is a breathable but windproof exterior membrane; the seam sealed edges; the aforementioned duck down fill; a free-hanging down-proof liner that keeps the insulation in place and distributing heat properly; and the water-repelling DWR finish.

      Down, explained: down fill powers are numerical ratings that usually range anywhere from about 450 to 900. A higher fill power means more warmth for less weight.

      These work elements work in tandem to keep you both comfortable and dry, even at a higher overall weight. It doesn’t pack down too well, nor would I want it to be what I wear should I ever scale Everest. (Spoiler alert: I won’t.) I like Nobis’s Supra Puffer because it’s warm, sure, but because it’s a fashionable luxury jacket, too — one that competes with better-known brands in its competitive set.

        The magnetic pockets are a plus.

        When it truly cold conditions, you’re probably wearing gloves, which makes pockets you have to unbutton or unsnap entirely impractical. The big bucket pockets on the front of the Supra, however, open and close magnetically, with two invisible anchors on the inner panel.

        pocket nobis

        Wearable ASMR: the noise the magnetic pocket makes when it closes.


        Like a fidget spinner, they’re fun to flip open and closed, and you probably won’t exhaust them any time soon. I haven’t had them accidentally open on me once, and even in torrential rain, what’s inside stays dry.

        The hood helps block it all out.

        When up, the hood is a hell of a hideout. It’s both non-removable and down-filled, meaning it makes quite the statement. But that’s okay, especially in places where you really do need the hood. Often, I find myself needing both a beanie and my hood, possibly even the hood of a sweatshirt, too. With this jacket, though, the hood is more than enough on its own, making defrosting my ears upon arrival a thing of the past.

        The smaller details make this puffer well worth the price.

        Often, when I venture out in too weak of a coat, I find I’m most cold at my neck and wrists, where the jacket misses the mark most. On the Supra, however, there are tight, elasticated cuffs, and a jersey collar reminiscent of the ones you find on bomber and varsity jackets. It wraps tightly around the base of your neck, essentially where most tapered haircuts end.

        These alone, combined with the magnetic pockets, the plush hood and the fact that it’s fully machine washable, make this a serious upgrade over similarly simple styles from, say, Everlane or even Aritzia.

        What’s Not Ideal About the Nobis Supra Performance Puffer

        nobis hood

        Here I am, hiding out in the oversized hood.


        The jacket is hard to wear zipped all the way up, unless the hood is up too.

        While wearing the jacket fully zipped seems like the best way to stay warm, it’s unfortunately uncomfortable in this use case — that is, however, unless you wear the hood up, too. At least for me, if you wear the jacket fully zipped, the panel that juts up over your chin is simply too in the way. It presses against my lips, gets tucked under my chin and snags on the facial hair that I do have (which isn’t much, to be honest).

        If I put the hood up, however, it’s as comfortable as can be, even if it’s a little insulating. I have to take the hood down when I enter stores or get in the car, since keeping an eye out for fellow shoppers or seeing out of my sideview mirrors prove difficult with it up.

        It has an undeniable athleisure slant.

        Just as I probably wouldn’t ever wear a Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser with sweatpants, I probably wouldn’t ever wear my Nobis Supra Puffer with double-knee work pants or even trusty blue jeans. It absolutely looks best when paired with similarly synthetic trousers. I’ve found success wearing it with performance chinos from Flint and Tinder, hiking pants from Pleasures and even flared sweatpants from Pangaia. My Levi’s jeans, though, looked unbelievably out of place, especially in contrast to the semi-black model I’ve been wearing. (It’s not really black, but more gun mental or grey).

        Nobis Supra Performance Puffer: Verdict

        If you’re seeking a sleeker alternative to more abundant, and overtly-branded brands, albeit at a higher price point, this is where to look. They’re a reputable brand with insiders, even if they’re not so known at the commercial level. But they compete technically, and I think they make — see: the Supra Puffer — good-looking outerwear.

        This model in particular is rated for temperature drops all the way down to negative-20-degree Fahrenheit, and the finer details — elasticated cuffs, a bomber collar — help keep heat in, on top of the duck down, windproof membrane and sealed seams. The best part about this Nobis jacket, though, is that it’s all of the functional elements in a premium package.


        Nobis Supra Performance Puffer

        • Incredibly warm, especially with its in-line collar
        • The cuffs are elasticated to keep the cold out
        • Hand pockets are lined for extra softness
        • Rated for -22 degrees Fahrenheit
        • Magnetic pockets are easy to access even with gloves on
        • Uncomfortable fully zipped up unless the hood is up too
        • The black color isn’t really black, but it works


    Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil Review — See Photos

    I like to think of lip oil as lip gloss’s more health-conscious twin: She goes hiking. She eats vegan. She practices self-care. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to get dressed up and party. 

    The lip oils of 2023 aren’t just a treatment you put on before bed or running to the grocery store. Many modern formulas create the effect of an eye-catching lip gloss while giving your lips a pillowy softness. The internet’s favorite right now is the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil. The buzz is real on TikTok and Instagram — but so is the oil’s $38 price tag — so we asked, is it the game-changer the girlies say it is?

    In This Story

    Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil: An Overview

    The Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil does it all: It looks like a lip gloss and acts like a treatment. Its formula is slick, non-sticky, and comes in seven sheer hues to impart a your-lips-but-better tint. (There’s also a clear version you can try, if that’s more your speed.) It has a delicious, vanilla-mint scent — one that makes me wish it was formulated to leave behind a slight tingle. 

    Ingredients and Formulation

    Ingredients Reviewed by Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King and Makeup Artist Delina Medhin.

    Dior Addict Lip Glow is swirled with cherry oil, which cosmetic chemist Ginger King says helps nourish dry lips. “[Cherry oil] is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and phytosterols,” she says. “It’s also an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.” 

    King goes on to say that the oil’s slick and thick consistency is thanks to a blend of hydrogenated polyisobutene, glutamate, and styrene polymers. Its color-changing magic is from D&C Red 27, which turns pink when it comes in contact with moisture.

    New York City-based makeup artist and creator Delina Medhin likes the formula because it’s “sheer and feels comfy.” She says its comfortable texture is a bonus for when she is applying it on her clients (and even using it on herself). 

    Key Ingredients

    The key ingredient in the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil is cherry oil (an emollient). This formula meets the Allure Clean Standard.

    How I Tested It

    I tested the lip oil the best way I knew how — by putting it on when my lips were feeling particularly parched. I swept it on before I started my work day and instantly saw its color payoff. (It was ever-so-slight, but flattering.) I kept it on to assess how well it hydrated my lips throughout the day. 

    My Honest Thoughts

    The entire experience of applying Dior Lip Glow is satisfying. Its doe-foot applicator has a chubby, rounded tip that comes out of the tube with a lovely squish. Gliding it on feels extra smooth and it leaves my lips looking juicy.