29 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends 2022 That Scream “I Love You”

Girlfriends. We know ’em, we love ’em, and sometimes they’re impossible to shop for. But have no fear, we know that all types of partners with all types of wishlists exist, so we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for girlfriends that’ll make her smile and brag to all of her friends about how thoughtful and generous you are.

Whether your girlfriend is a comfy clothes fanatic, eye shadow palette collector, or fragrance aficionado, we’ve got unique gift picks that will cure your holiday shopping woes. This gift guide includes an adorable skin-care set from Belif, a cordless straightener from GHD, and some Best of Beauty winners from brands like Milk Makeup and Floral Street.

Whether you’ve been together for a long time and want to treat her to something luxurious or you’re both sticking to strict 2023 budgets this year, keep reading for thoughtful gift inspiration for your other half.

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Artist Julie Verhoeven – Coveteur: Inside Closets, Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Travel

Welcome to our newest series, Great Bowery Artist Spotlight, where we profile the renowned artists represented by Great Bowery’s suite of agencies. This month, we’re featuring CLM artist Julie Verhoeven, who’s known for her multidisciplinary works. This story was originally published on Great Bowery.

Tell us about yourself.

I may look old but I’m not really. I may wear the guise of an ‘artist’ but am I really? In a nutshell, my training and background is in fashion design and I am perhaps best known for my fashion illustration output in the noughties.

How would you describe your process?

My style reflects my process, it’s layered. I obsessively research and collate images and music, and I respond in a fast and furious fashion, in the hope my subconscious will kick in and take me somewhere new.

How did you get your start?

At the age of 18 I got a lucky break with a summer internship at John Galliano’s studio in London, which fortunately led to employment. This was a most exuberant entrance into the fashion industry.

I then continued on to Paris where I worked as a design assistant to Martine Sitbon during the 1990s. Shortly after, I made my break for freedom and the life of a freelancer.

How has your work evolved over time?

My work has because a lot less uptight and more devilish. Experiencing loss and general disappointments has led me to care less about how my work is perceived. I find working in video, 3D and performance the most satisfying. It is the best vehicle to express my frustrations, woes and wants.

I’ve recently been collaging clothes together for Nasir Mazhar’s wonderful and radical concept shop, Fantastic Toiles, in London. Fantastic Toiles stocks one off creations, with the emphasis on creative freedom and independence. It’s a fearless, dynamic collective that really inspires me not to stagnate.

See more from Julie Verhoeven on Instagram and CLM.


The 10 Best Shoe Organizers 2023

We’re brave enough to admit it: Shoes are a necessary evil. Yes, a brand-new pair of chunky boots puts some pep in our steps but also a few blisters on our heels. Fresh loafers look great on the street but fit terribly in a suitcase (if you’ve arranged a set of lug soles in your carry-on, we bow down to you). Worst of all, you must find them a home within your home — and a spacious one at that. Thankfully, the internet’s abode is infinite and currently houses myriad shoe organizers that can keep your kicks in order.


Studio Nicholson Spring 2023 Epitomizes Intelligent Volume

It’s a sense of studied non-normalcy that makes Studio Nicholson so appealing. That’s a needlessly evocative way to describe Studio Nicholson’s mastery of the “elevated basic,” but that term has been so done to death that it’s really not a good way to describe anything truly thoughtful. Studio Nicholson is truly thoughtful.

This is the dichotomy that’s both elated and confused me in the past and Studio Nicholson’s Spring 2023 collection is pure pleasure.

That being said, what Nick Wakeman’s eponymous clothing line does that’s so appealing is hard to describe.

There’s an ample assortment of toss-on-and-go overshirts, boxy T-shirts, relaxed sweaters, and generous trousers on hand for Spring 2023 — now available on Studio Nicholson’s website — but if you’ve already overdosed on quality basics brands, that sentence probably puts you to sleep.

So look at the images instead: absorb the intelligently wearable enzyme-washed denim layers, both soft and sturdy, the puffed-up jackets that land somewhere between parka or hoodie, the slick Harrington-style outerwear that amps up the classic classiness of a British menswear staple.

You get the vibe much better from photos than from text. It’s crisp, it’s refined, but it’s comfortable above all else. Shapes are relaxed without losing the snappiness of a tailored hand, a difficult line to walk for anyone seeking easy clothing that’s not lacking sharpness.

The keyword is volume and the definition is as three-dimensional as Studio Nicholson’s signature pleated pants. Volume that benefits the body, rather than baggily ensconcing the wearer.

Spring 2023 inspirations hit on the classics: Studio Nicholson cites eternally stylish artist Jean Michel Basquiat as a lynchpin of taste, accompanied by further-reaching influences like The Warriors (unexpected leather grunge meets technical textiles) and Armani’s ’80 heyday. After all, if you’re going to go for intelligent volume, it behooves you to study from the master.

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How I Found a 70-Year-Old, $3,000 Chair in a Junk Pile

I stood in front of the storage unit door as my mom dug out a long-unused key from her pocket.

It was 36 degrees on a winter morning in Taos, New Mexico. My mom and I had flown in from San Diego the night before, and her sister, my aunt, had joined us from Columbus, Ohio. We were all standing in front of a storage unit that hadn’t been opened since 1970 — it had belonged to my great aunt.

An LA transplant, she’d lived in Taos for five or so years with her husband before his premature death from lip cancer. After he passed, she packed many of their belongings into this storage unit, locked the door and left. Maybe she thought she’d return in a year or so for her possessions; I’ll never know. What I do know is that she moved back to West Hollywood, where she carried on a serious case of hoarding that lasted until her death 40 years later, requiring us to spend two years cleaning out the tiny house she had filled to the brim.

We found records of the storage unit in the rubble she left behind. Knowing we needed to settle up the account and clean out the unit, we flew to New Mexico, uncertain what to expect. After spending the previous 24 months cleaning out her house in Los Angeles, we feared the worst: a cluttered 20′ x 20′ space, filled with old seeds, every shoe she ever bought (complete with box) and perhaps, another box of old teeth. (That one, I can’t explain.)

trash to treasure

This was just a small section of the 20×20 storage unit we cleaned out that ultimately yielded the Mr. Chair. 

Hayley Helms

trash to treasure

The Mr. Chair sees sunlight and fresh air for the first time in 40 years. I still had yet to find the footstool. 

Hayley Helms

Instead, we found something much different: a treasure trove of mid-century furniture, decor and original art; a veritable catalog of my great aunt’s life before mental illness set in. The most notable item, besides the artwork? This Plycraft Mr. Chair, which sat dusty and forgotten in a corner of the unit.

The chair had a layer of dust on it that was 40 years thick, so I couldn’t tell what color it was.

At the time, I didn’t know the name or make of the chair, but I knew at first sight it was something special. Tucked away into the front right-hand corner of the unit, it was partially covered by a box and rugs that had been heaped onto it; a lamp stood in front of it, and the footstool was nowhere in sight. Blocking my path to it were five or six rows of boxes, each filled to the brim with who knew what. The chair had a layer of dust on it that was 40 years thick, so I couldn’t tell what color it was — I initially thought it was black, given the dust, but it ended up being an off-green color that made it even more unique, in my eyes.

I had just begun my love affair with mid-century furniture and design, initiated by my partner’s taste and intensified by my own attraction to the clean, organic lines that define the style. I knew at once what I was looking at was a treasure, but I couldn’t let myself get too excited: if my mom or her sister wanted it, which I was positive they would, I promised myself I would defer to them. After all, the chair belonged to their aunt, my great aunt, so they had first dibs.

Founded in 1953 by Paul R. Goldman, Plycraft initially made a name for itself by crafting plywood mid-century furniture — and later, for making copies of popular Eames styles. Though Plycraft ended up being most widely known — and sued — for its imitative designs (read: knock-offs), the Mr. Chair was the exception to that trend. Designed for the company by George Mulhauser in the 1950s, the chair came in a few different versions with some common themes: a single-shell plywood back, flared arms and leather upholstery.

coconut chair

The Herman Miller Coconut Chair, also designed by George Mulhauser.


Mulhauser’s Mr. Chair featured a higher back than most mid-century designs, which made it a comfortable choice for taller people — and helped it stand out from the crowd. The Mr. Chair exudes relaxation: it tilts back to a reclined position and invites one to sit and read a book … or maybe take a nap. Brown and black leather are more common on the vintage resale market, but the rare green upholstery makes an appearance from time to time.

(Though it’s easy to slouch in the chair, Mulhauser was not one: It was rumored, and later substantiated, that he played a key role in the design of the iconic Herman Miller Coconut Chair.)

As we began to move boxes out of the unit into the cool and crisp Taos air, we inched closer and closer to the mysterious chair. We were sorting items into two piles: keep, and discard. We had already found teak and Nambe tableware, original paintings by native Taos artists and my great aunt herself, and a staggering amount of trash. It was clear her hoarding tendencies started early.

The chair was trash in their eyes, but treasure in mine.

My aunt and mom seemingly hadn’t noticed the Plycraft yet, but I was riveted. As we cleared some more ancient history out of the way, my aunt spotted the chair and exclaimed, “Ugh, let’s put that in the trash pile.” My mom agreed as I choked on my disbelief. “I’ll take it!” I yelled. Both my aunt and mom looked dubious, but I saw something special under 40 years of dust. The chair was trash in their eyes, but treasure in mine.

The older sister to my grandmother, Auntie Shirley was a complex, eccentric woman. She had an obvious affinity for objects, and for each birthday and Christmas would send little treasures to my sisters and me in the mail: small, woven jewelry boxes, turquoise earrings, Christmas ornaments and all manner of trinkets. After her time in New Mexico, she lived in the West Hollywood house where she and my grandmother had grown up. I remember only being allowed in the living room and backyard when we would visit — there was already a sitting room stacked up to the ceiling with books, and looking back, I wonder if we weren’t allowed in the rest of the house due to its overflow of objects.

Mr. Chair & Ottoman by George Mulhauser for Plycraft

My great aunt wasn’t outwardly kind or warm; outside of her relationship with her late husband, she found comfort in things and books over people. She had delightful taste in artwork, literature and furniture, and through her collecting, her predilection toward beautiful objects displayed a subtle appreciation for delicacy and beauty that she didn’t seem to know how to express to others, including her family. She was guarded and aloof, but her love and passion shone through her assortment of lovely and rare items. I found myself getting to know her better through her possessions than I ever did through our conversations.

We didn’t finish cleaning out the storage unit that trip. We spent three more days picking through the clutter, went our separate ways and six months later, my mom and I returned with a plan. We rented a U-Haul, loaded it up with our treasures, and road-tripped from Taos to San Diego. When we finally got back and unpacked, I cleaned the chair, being careful to leave the original Plycraft tags on the bottom, and placed it in my living room.

Upon this comfortable perch, I’ve read more books than I can count, written so many stories and sat for hours, watching the sun make dancing shadows on the wall. It’s moved with me three times. No matter where I go, I’ll never leave it in a storage unit again. It almost got thrown away once, after all. This time, I’m holding onto my family’s treasure.

plycraft lounger restoreed

The Mr. Chair now sits in my bedroom, with a few of the many pieces of art we found in my great aunt’s storage unit.

Hayley Helms

Hayley Helms is Gear Patrol’s outdoors and fitness staff writer.


Love Is In the Air with the February Allure Beauty Box! See All the Products Inside

Soft sweaters, nights in watching Netflix — wintry things that seemed cozy two months ago have pretty much lost their luster by February. But one thing is most definitely not dull right now: the gleaming complexions of Allure Beauty Box subscribers everywhere. Your February box is the pick-me-up this time of year calls for. You can choose between two gorgeous,  sparkling Beauty Bakerie palettes for luminous makeup that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day — they’re both so incandescent that they’re impossible to open without smiling any day of the week. It’s kind of that same happy feeling as when you open a big box of truffles. Plus, a skin-care routine loaded with moisture to make you dewy, and one very dramatic mascara from YSL Beauty that brings the little bit of oomph we’ve been craving.

From now until February 14, you can get your first box (or give it as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift) for only $10 with the code HEART. You’ll receive 7 products (a $150+ value) handpicked by Allure editors delivered right to your door. Plus, we’re giving new members a FREE Winky Lux universal brow pencil as a welcome gift while we have them.


Here’s What’s Streaming New This Month (And Actually Worth The Watch)

They say time is money and nowhere is that more true than when you’re deciding what TV show or movie to watch. Is there anything less satisfying in life than scrolling through the ever-growing number of streaming services, desperately trying to find the show or film that perfectly encapsulates or satiates your very specific mood, only to have said piece of entertainment completely not meet your expectations? Or worse, make you have to go back to scrolling? 

The answer is a resounding no. Because you’re busy! You know that and we know that. Which is why we’re parsing through the plethora of entertainment — the good, the bad, and the seriously off-the-rails — to share what’s streaming this month and what of that is actually worth your time.

You, and your Netflix algorithm, can thank us later.

The Last of Us (HBO)

Chances are that, by now, you’ve heard about The Last of Us. And if you haven’t, you’ll thank us later. Based on a 2013 video game series of the same name, if you’ve heard this adaptation hyped up to the max, it’s for a reason. The series — like the game — kicks off with the Cordyceps outbreak, a fungal virus that takes over the world. Twenty years later, Joel, a smuggler played by Pedro Pascal, is tasked with transporting 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across the country for reasons that we won’t spoil but quickly become clear. With incredible and nuanced performances from both Game of Thrones alums, what makes this series so special is the fact that while on the surface it’s about zombies and a global pandemic, beneath this exterior are storylines about the need for love and human connection

Just make sure to stock up on tissues beforehand, especially before episode 3

Where to watch: HBO
When: Now

Somebody I Used to Know (Amazon Prime)

Listen, we’re in the midst of a major rom com revival and we couldn’t be more here for it. Add Somebody I Used to Know to the list of soon-to-be classics. Not only was it created by IRL couple Dave Franco and Alison Brie (the latter of which also stars in the movie), but features Insecure actor Jay Ellis in the leading man role he deserves to continuously be cast in. What we love about this movie is that it’s a twist on the old tried and true rom com trope where a girl meets a guy, they fall in love, then the girl ditches the guy only to fall back in love again. Instead, 10 years after their breakup Ally (Alison Brie) bumps into her ex Sean (Jay Ellis) at a diner, they reconnect, she rethinks her life choices, and then she finds out Sean is engaged. And not just engaged, but engaged to a woman who reminds Ally of herself when she was younger.

It’s not too tough to figure out who the “somebody” Ally used to know is (it’s herself), but we’re always here for a film about self-reflection and finding your own path — independent of and not dependent on a romantic partner.  

Where to watch: Amazon Prime
When: February 10

Pamela, a Love Story (Netflix)

If you think you know Pamela Anderson’s life story, chances are you know nothing at all. Straight from Anderson herself, this documentary — released alongside her memoir Love, Pamela — is a way for Anderson to reclaim the narrative around her and her life experiences, specifically the way her infamous 1995 sex tape completely derailed her career and changed public perception and treatment of the actress. 

Despite varying reviews of the doc as a piece of art, it’s a must-watch for the fact that it’s done largely on Anderson’s own terms and under her supervision (her son is also a producer on the doc). Society, and Hollywood, have a long history of re-victimizing women and their trauma on screen (see: Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana to name a few), and Anderson’s name is on that list especially after Hulu’s limited series Pam & Tommy. It’s worthwhile to bear witness to her version of events as she tries to take hold of her own narrative — whether or not the telling is messy. 

Where to watch: Netflix
When: Now

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder S2 (Disney+)

If you say you’re too old for cartoons, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures — and some major nostalgia. Which is why you should be tuning in to The Proud Family revival. Not only is the updated version of the series — which follows the Proud family navigating life in the 2020s — just as good as the original, but offers a fun and nostalgic escape for all of us who grew up watching the OG on Sunday mornings. And who doesn’t want a little (or a lot) of escapist TV these days?

Plus, R29 fave Keke Palmer voices one of Penny’s new friends, Maya. 

Where to watch: Disney+
When: February 1 

You (Netflix)

We know, we know. You — now going into its fourth season — is known for many things: promoting toxic relationship behavior, playing into the “mediocre white woman” TV trope, pretending that a baseball cap is essentially an invisibility cloak, and being absolutely and completely off the rails. And nowhere is that more true than in the latest season of the hit Netflix series. Having killed his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) at the end of season 3, viewers find Joe (Penn Badgley) living abroad in London under a pseudonym, donning tweed in an non-ironic way, and surrounding himself with the upper elite of London society. With the sunny suburbs of California firmly behind him and his alleged murder chronicled in The Cut, Joe is free to start his life anew — and, free of murder. At least for a little while.

Season 4, which will be released in two parts, is arguably the most bewildering season to date — and that’s honestly part of what makes it a must-watch. Several seasons in, the series has figured out what it does best, which is provide gleefully escapist TV. While the major “eat the rich” mentality of the season is a little played out by this point (in a year that also gave us Triangle of Sadness, the second season of Gossip Girl, and a new Bling Empire series), you have to admit that it is super fun to watch rich and out-of-touch zillennials try to make their way out of a real-life murder mystery. Plus, it stars Lucas Gage, an up-and-comer that you’ll actually want to watch.  

Where to watch: Netflix 
When: February 9

Bling Empire: New York (Netflix)

A spin-off of the OG Bling Empire, the New York iteration follows Dorothy Wang in her cross-country move from the hills of Los Angeles to the skyscrapers of NYC and gives us a series and characters that are over-the-top, incredibly wealthy, and most surprising of all, super relatable. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike its predecessor, the cast of Bling Empire: New York are vulnerable about their personal lives and internal struggles in a way the LA cast isn’t, talking about issues with anxiety, finances, and death in a way that feels relatable; and, makes you want to root for them. Within the confines of a reality TV series (which we know from experience can be less-than-realistic), the series gives us a glimpse into the real issues behind the bling. Come for over the top opulence and stay for Tina Leung.  

Where to watch: Netflix
When: Now

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Bling Empire: New York Gets Real

Last Of Us Creator On Emotional Episode 3

No, It's Not Too Soon For A Show About A Pandemic


Gerrit Jacob’s “SCUM” FW23 Is a Wild & Vibrant Ride

When Highsnobiety chatted with Jacob Gerrit last year following the release of his SS23 collection, he described color as an “absolute essential” to the way he tells his stories.

In a similar vein to this collection — one that also saw him crowned Highsnobiety’s 2022 BERLIN, BERLIN Prize winner — FW23 exudes unparalleled vibrancy and creativity, a collective vibe Gerrit often describes as “German Kitsch”.

Channeling queer aggression and seeking meaning in stark contrasts, FW23 is a collection centered around diverging combinations of youthful optimism, something Gerrit manages with a sense of elegance, albeit a warped one.

Elaborating on the visual and conceptual codes he presented in SS23, the designer applies his now-archetypal bubblegum palettes to a range of diverse fabrics, something that sees his silhouettes become signifiers of the persistent duality found in his work.

Elegantly-titled “SCUM,” Gerrit describes his work as an “unhinged neon universe,” yet from an outsider’s perspective, it’s also one that’s as intriguing as it is unhinged — in a good way, of course.

In Gerrit Jacob’s unhinged neon universe, you’ll find a blurred line between glaring imagery and traditional luxury, something that sits between the navigation of identity, queer aggression, and insistent idiosyncrasy, as the collection’s core themes.

Since completing an MA at Central Saint Martins back in 2019 — before a short stint working for Gucci — Gerrit has garnered an impressive fan base, one that includes big-hitters like Rosalía, Dua Lipa, and Burna Boy.

Gerrit Jacob’s work is undeniably “crazy, sexy, cool,” but as both the designer himself, as well as the brand, continues to grow, it’s quickly becoming much, much more.

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Hailey Bieber Debuted Yet Another New Take on Glazed Donut Nails — See Photos

Hailey Bieber fans rejoice because your queen has just brought you another new version of the ever-popular glazed donut nails. If you don’t happen to follow Bieber’s every waking move, the trendy manicure is a pearlescent pale white hue that looks glazed due to chrome powder, hence its name. Last summer it became a massive trend on TikTok and ever since then, Bieber and the world at large have experimented with different colors. 

In September 2022, Bieber debuted chocolate glazed donut nails, and we noted a pumpkin version of the trend happening in the same month. Now it looks like Bieber has found a new hue to try with the manicure, according to the model’s Instagram Stories from January 31. We have officially entered the strawberry glazed donut nail era. 

Bieber posted a close-up selfie on her Instagram story that showed off the blunt bob we have been loving so much and a small peek at her pretty-in-pink manicure. Only two of her long almond-shaped nails (well, really one nail and half of another) are visible, and that’s more than enough to see how stunning they looked. 

We’re not sure exactly what shade of pink Bieber was wearing here, but it almost matched the flush on her cheeks; it was just a tad darker, so if you were expecting a pale pink hue like Essie’s Ballet Slippers, unfortunately, that’s not happening here. It’s surely not vibrant enough to be a hot pink either, so we’re going to settle with bubblegum pink.


Aesthetic Travelers, Rejoice! Steamline Luggage Is Offering Up To 40% Off Its Stunning Suitcases and Accessories

Suitcases are, more often than not, a necessary evil at best. Sure, they store our clothes and the souvenirs we’ve made the misguided choice to bring home, but who’s actually eagerly posing with that clunky, anonymous piece of hard-sided luggage they tote from trip to trip the way they would with a prized purse

Luckily, for those of us who want a suitcase that’s actually worth showing off, a favorite stylish luggage brand just launched one of its best sales ever. Steamline Luggage — creators of some of the cutest retro-inspired suitcases and travel accessories we’ve ever laid eyes on — has just announced discounts of up to 40% off some of its most popular styles.

We’re talking about everything from stylish hat boxes to stunning steamer-trunk-inspired rolling luggage that could easily pass as an antique. 

The brand — which boasts a fanbase that includes celebs like Reese Witherspoon — even offers adorable botanical-inspired purses and vanity cases perfect for adding some je ne sais quoi to any travel outfit

However, much like the vacations we’re already dreaming about, the Steamline Luggage deals are fleeting. These serious discounts are only available through February 14, but that’s still plenty of time to score one for yourself (or your Valentine). 

Check out our top picks from the Steamline Luggage sale today before these deals are done for good. 

Steamline Luggage Suitcases on Sale

Steamline Luggage Travel Cases on Sale

Steamline Luggage Hatboxes on Sale

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