Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit a Tailor

Tailors are unsung sartorial heroes. They turn ill-fitting, unflattering clothing into made-to-order masterpieces. And they’re relatively easy to find, but there are a few keys to finding a good tailor. For one, try a tailor with their own standalone shop; dry cleaners often tailor garments, too, but shops that don’t do dry cleaning are often better. Instead of diversifying their offerings to make more money, they’re betting on what they do best: tailoring.

But finding one is half the battle. Sure, if you simply need your pants hemmed then almost any shop would suffice, but if you’re trying to completely change the shape or size of a suit, jacket or a pair of jeans, you’ll need an expert at the craft (and the necessary knowledge to ask for these alterations). It’s important to educate yourself on the proper etiquette as well — like, how long you should wait before following up about your garment and whether or not you should tip.

For this information, we spoke with SuitShop, a retailer for affordable suits and tuxedos, co-founder Jeanne Foley, who oversees every step of the suit- and tuxedo-making process — from design and marketing to sales and tailoring. She’s an expert on everything there is to know about tailoring and answered some of the most-asked pre-appointment questions.

Our Expert: SuitShop co-founder Jeanne Foley

  • Launched SuitShop in 2016
  • Has serviced over 100,000 customers
  • 13 years of fabric and fit expertise
  • Former Technical Design Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch and Under Armour

    What is a tailor? What does a tailor do?

    A tailor is someone skilled at constructing garments to fit specific measurements, altering existing garments to new specifications and repairing or modifying previously-constructed garments to fit a customer’s request or desired look.

    Tailors are typically formally trained and have the knowledge of sewing by hand and machine. Their skill level can range based on both experience and talent. No garments are truly off limits, you just need to find the right tailor with the right skill set and expertise to help with your unique request. Tailoring requests can range from creating a full custom or bespoke suit to a simple hem or seam repair.”

    Do you tip tailors?

    It’s not expected to tip a tailor, since tailors are usually paid hourly or for the specific job they are asked to do, but it’s definitely not off-limits. Anytime any service-based talent does a great job or goes above and beyond for a customer, tipping is appreciated and is an acceptable way to show thanks.”

    How much does tailoring cost?

    “Tailoring costs can range anywhere from $10 dollars to hundreds, even thousands. It really depends on the specific job. Tailors do a wide variety of tasks and employ a wide variety of fixes and skills. This ranges from constructing a garment from scratch—often referred to as ‘custom’ or ‘bespoke,’ these are garments made to fit a specific persons measurements—to implementing small alterations like hemming a pair of pants or repairing a small hole or tear in an existing garment.

    On average, for a smaller adjustment or repair, you should expect to pay $10-30. For a larger alteration or for one on a more complicated garment including those with layers or lining, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-100. Alterations that adjust apparel significantly can ring in at or over $100+, and the cost is really based on the amount of time it will take the tailor to complete the request. Tailors who create custom or bespoke garments made to a person’s specific measurements and altered at various stages to fit perfectly can charge thousands of dollars.”

    How long does it take to get a suit tailored?

    “A tailor can typically alter a suit in a day, but most tailors will quote days or weeks depending on their existing workload.”

    How much does a tailored suit cost?

    Instead of visiting with a suit you already own, you can also approach certain tailors for a fully custom suit.

    “There are a lot of factors that go into the final cost of a tailored suit. The one that tends to lower or increase the price most dramatically is the material cost. Suits can be made from a range of different materials including wool, silk, linen, polyester, cotton, rayon, and so many more. There are also different blends of fabrics both natural and man-made that can be used. There are layers of components like shoulder pads, interlining and lining. Trims like buttons, zippers and thread that can all dramatically change the cost of a tailored suit as they come in a variety of options that range in price.

    Tailors have their own pricing based on their time and effort. A very experienced tailor may be very fast with a custom suit but charge more since they are accounting for their high level of skill and talent. Some tailors will charge less for the opportunity to work with specific clientele. On average a true custom-tailored suit will range $1,500-$3,000 and depends on materials, talent and time.

    Can a tailor take in jeans and T-shirts?

    Yes, a tailor can adjust jeans and T-shirts, it’s always just a matter of finding the right tailor to ask for a specific task. You would not visit a bespoke tailor that makes custom suits and ask them to hem your jeans, and vice versa, you would not visit your local dry cleaner and ask them to make you a bespoke suit. Most tailors will have their specialty and focus. Typically, your local dry cleaner will be able to help with off-the-rack apparel alterations.”

    Can a tailor make pants or clothing bigger?

    “Some clothing can be altered to be bigger; this will depend on the garment itself and the amount of seam allowance (extra material on the inside of the garment seams) it has. If a garment has a wide seam allowance, it can be comfortably adjusted to be bigger—or let out—without risk of the seam developing a hole or tearing.

    This also depends on the material, as alterations and sewing on some fabrics will leave a mark along the seam. Even if a garment like this has enough allowance, if it is let out to be bigger, you might be able to see where the stitch used to be, which can significantly impact the apparent quality and make the garment look bad. A tailor will usually advise whether a garment can be let out or not. In most cases, it is best to avoid attempts to make a garment bigger since it can compromise the quality.

    What else can a tailor do? Can they remove logos and add logos or monograms?

    “I always say, ‘just ask!’ With the wide variety in specialties and skill sets of tailors out there, some may say no to a request, and some will find a way. Tailors also typically feel very strongly one way or another about what is and is not possible based on their formal training and their own skill level. Tailoring is a technical skill but is also an art, and a lot of it has to do with the personality, areas of experience and artistic process.”

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The 3 Types Of Orgasms

It would seem few things are as misunderstood in this world as the female orgasm. While we’ve come far in dismantling stigmas around sex and pleasure, little research has been conducted about our sexual satisfaction. And with nothing but comical representations to go off of, it’s not that surprising that there’s a significant orgasm gap — hell, one survey even found that nearly half of men couldn’t correctly identify the location of the clitoris. But as researchers strive to gain a deeper insight into sexual pleasure, we’re constantly learning more. While there are a million and one ways to get it on, a recent study from Charles University in Prague has confirmed that there are three kinds of orgasms: waves, avalanches and volcanoes.


Onia’s Terry Cloth Shirts Are a Great End-of-Summer Style Hack

onia terry shirt


When James Bond (then played by Sean Connery) wore a baby blue Terry cloth shirt — well, technically it was a one-piece romper — in 1964’s Goldfinger, no one batted an eye. Surely if Bond was doing it, everyone should.

But, nowadays, men still forget Terry cloth when it comes time to put together their summer wardrobes. Cotton and linen shirts come to mind quick, and while both are lightweight and breathable, neither wicks moisture quite like Terry cloth.

That being said, it’s probably the fabric’s association to beach towels and bath mats that has kept it off the backs of most men, even though Terry cloth often looks more elevated than the aforementioned materials. It’s more swanky than it is sloppy, and the fabric proves perfect for late night (and end-of-summer) dinner and drinks, especially when it’s fashioned into well-fitting camp collar and zip up shirts — like the below options from Onia.

Terry cloth, which is just fabric with protruding loops of thread, can be made from 100 percent cotton, but Onia’s Terry — a word that derives from the French word “tirer,” which means “to pull” or “draw” — shirts are woven from a mix of cotton, rayon and polyester, because this mix makes for a shirt that’s both softer and lighter. Their insides are also made with a jersey fabric on the inside, ensuring the fabric is flat, not fuzzy, against your torso.

Both styles — the camp collar and the zip up — work well with dress pants or nicer shorts, and they could even be worn with layers underneath — like an A-shirt (a.k.a. a tank top) or a tonal T-shirt. The Camp Collar iteration features tonal buttons and a shallower neck than most other shirts in the category but that makes it appropriate more often — with a deep neck, your shirt works at the beach, at the pool or at a sweaty al fresco dinner date but few other places.

The Zip Up shirt works with the metal zipper zipped all the way up or worn undone, but be careful with its front pockets, though, because while they’re plenty roomy, anything too heavy will prove too much, making the pockets sag. Smaller items like a wallet, AirPods or keys fit quite well and can hang there without weighing them down.

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Towel Terry Camp Shirt (Deep Navy)

Towel Terry Camp Shirt (Sage)

Towel Terry Camp Shirt (White)

Towel Terry Zip Up (White)

Towel Terry Zip Up (Deep Navy)

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The Best Low Rider Yet?

Low Rider. It’s not just a catchy, soundtrack-ready ditty by Long Beach funk band War that peaked at number seven on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart in the summer of ’75. It’s also the hydraulic hot rod described therein. And two years after said song’s release, it was the name of Harley-Davidson’s eye-popping first factory custom motorcycle.

Rolling out at Daytona Bike Week in 1977, the FXS Low Rider boasted a 1206cc V-Twin engine, a top speed of 105.6 mph and a seat height of 27 inches. With extended front forks, it might not have been the best at, you know, cornering, but the look was unmistakably cool, and the Low Rider quickly became a best seller. Various iterations became staples of Harley’s cruiser line for the next three decades.

Since 2009, the brand has put out different kinds of Low Riders on and off. But now it’s the summer of ’22, and there’s a new edition that is just about as attention-grabbing as the original. The Low Rider ST is different, however, because this bike promises to handle just as well as it looks. Having joyfully ridden a couple of earlier Low Riders in recent years — through Baja, Mexico in 2017 and over Colorado’s Loveland Pass in 2019 — I was stoked to take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip and see… what these wheels could do.

Is the Harley Low Rider ST new?

Relatively. The 2022 Low Rider ST hit dealerships alongside its stripped-down sibling, the Low Rider S, this past spring.

harley low rider st motorcycle on side of road during sunset

Steve Mazzucchi

What makes the Harley Low Rider ST special?

Harley historians will tell you that the ST’s style emerged from Southern California, where FXRs, Dynas and Softails get customized into dazzling machines that don’t skimp on performance, thanks to powerful engines, raised suspension for better cornering and tall bars for… okay, yeah, those are mostly for looks.

That vibe carries over to the streamlined Low Rider S, a naked bike with a profile not that different from the Low Riders of yore. But it is also present in the ST, a more road trip-friendly option owing largely to an aerodynamic frame-mounted fairing and nifty removable saddlebags.

backside of the harley low rider st motorcycle parked on the side of the road

Steve Mazzucchi

harley low rider st handlebars

Steve Mazzucchi

In a nod to modernity, the ST offers a minimalist LCD “tech gauge” embedded in the handlebar riser and tempting options such as a $1,020 Rockford Fosgate Inner Fairing Audio Kit, which I am obligated to mention because my test ride had one — and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The ST also has cruise control, and as old-school as I sometimes like to think I am, I enjoyed that feature too.

Both bikes also boast a growling beast of an engine, the Milwaukee-Eight 117, a 1923cc V-Twin packing 103 ponies and delivering 125 ft. lbs. torque at 3500 rpm. Of course, one can only appreciate what that means when the rubber meets the road.

side view of harley's new low rider st motorcycle

Steve Mazzucchi

How does this Harley ride?

To thoroughly test this bike, I knew I had to take at least one long ride. So, in addition to ripping around the New York City area on it, I packed the saddlebags for a weekend trip to the DC suburbs where my parents and sister’s family reside, about 260 miles from Manhattan.

I also had some good context to evaluate it because I’ve made this trip on various other bikes, including a Honda CTX700, a Triumph Bonneville T-100 and an Indian Chieftain Elite. Compared to those three, the ST was the smoothest ride yet.

The main reasons include many of the features I’ve already referenced. The engine, first of all, is spectacular. I specifically remember earlier Low Riders having an impressive rumble… so much so that the bars shook, and it was difficult to get into neutral, two qualities that get old fast. The beast has been tamed here — it positively purrs when you cruise at a steady pace. Yet when you need a lot of gas quickly, beating a light or making a bold pass on a two-lane road, you only need to flick your wrist and the bike roars to life, accelerating quickly, even at high speeds, to get the job done and have a blast doing it.

The FXRT Sport Glide fairing also plays a role here. It’s not particularly bulky, so it doesn’t impede maneuvering in tight traffic. Yet, it helps split the wind with alacrity, while the six-inch tilted windshield provided just enough deflection to go 90 on the highway without feeling assaulted by the power of the air. Frame-mounted fairings can feel a bit funky at first because the headlight does not turn with the bars, but in my experience, the stock LED headlamp also provides plenty of illumination at night.

front of a harley low rider st motorcycle parked on the side of the road

Steve Mazzucchi

A third component that impressed me was the saddlebags. I was happy to discover that the two removable interior pockets from my Dakine High Roller snowboard bag fit perfectly into these user-friendly compartments, which offer a combined capacity of nearly two cubic feet. That meant I could pack for a three-day trip without worrying about strapping anything onto the bike or my back. The bags are positioned well above the exhaust and are slim enough that, like the fairing, they don’t affect close-quarters maneuvering.

I learned first-hand when I stopped by a friend’s place in Brooklyn on the way back from DC on what happened to be a major holiday. The ride from there was one of the most trafficky I have ever experienced, but the ST proved so maneuverable that I could make moves all over the place — almost like I was riding a bicycle — and get home much more quickly than expected. It’s worth noting that these bags are also pretty easy to remove when you really want to streamline.

harley low rider st motorcycle parked on side of road

Steve Mazzucchi

It’s worth noting that as great as it is to have a bike with the torque, top speed and maneuverability to ride on all kinds of roads, it all means very few of those features don’t add up to an overall feeling of fun. They do add up to bliss with the ST, though. A long, continuous road trip can feel like a slog when the miles pile up, and your wrist and butt get numb. On this one, the ride was so easy and fun that the trip almost ended too soon.

Anything else stand out about this cruiser?

The fairing and saddlebags probably detract a bit from the looks — I’ve always thought naked bikes look cooler — but not that much. I know this because when I stopped for gas in a small town in Maryland, three different guys driving pickup trucks stopped by to admire the bike and ask me all about it. How much their interest had to do with the relative fuel efficiency of a motorcycle versus, say, a Ford F-250 is anybody’s guess.

As I mentioned, the Rockford Fosgate sound system, which integrates pretty seamlessly into the fairing, is an option and a rather pricey one. But if you are gonna fork over $20,000-plus for a motorcycle, I recommend you put up another grand. You control it entirely with your phone, so it’s worth mounting that to your handlebars (I swear by Peak Design’s Bar Mount, which is tricky to install but a shock-absorbing, quick-releasing delight once in place).

handlebars, speakers, and phone mount on the harley low rider st motorcycle

Steve Mazzucchi

Once you have done so and paired up, you’ll be rocking out to a pair of 5.25″ woofers and remote tweeters — audible up to about 80 mph — so you can hit the road with your personal soundtrack. In my case, lately, it’s been Hail Satin by the Foo Fighters because there’s nothing like rolling around town fueled by testosterone, gasoline and… disco.

How much does the Harley Low Rider ST cost?

The base price of the Vivid Black version is $21,749, while the Gunship Gray paint job starts at $22,199.

2022 Harley Davidson Low Rider ST

harley low rider st motorcycle


Engine: 1923cc Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin
Gearbox: six-speed manual
103 hp
125 ft. lbs. at 3500 RPM
Curb weight: 721 pounds
Seat height: 27 inches
Top speed: 120 mph


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The Autonomy Car Subscription App Is Buying Up All the Cool Electric Cars

There are a ton of cool EVs coming to market. But if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ve probably noticed they may be hard to find. The chip shortage and slow ramp-ups have limited production, and many manufacturers are targeting allotments to states like California, where EVs need to be sold to meet compliance targets.

Another not insignificant reason may be a company called Autonomy, which is hoovering up a large number of available EVs.

Autonomy is an EV subscription app. The name suggests it has something to do with autonomous driving, but it’s actually about autonomy over your EV purchase decision. Autonomy will let you subscribe to one of their EVs with no long-term commitment rather than buy or lease one. Current offerings are limited to the Tesla Model 3 (from $490 per month) and Model Y (from $690 per month). But the company is preparing to expand those offerings dramatically.

According to Electrek, Autonomy placed an order for 22,790 units of 46 electric vehicles with 17 manufacturers to be delivered through the end of 2023 — a total order value of nearly $1.2 billion. That order is still Tesla-heavy, with 8,300 vehicles. However, there are also large orders from General Motors (3,400), Volkswagen (2,200), Ford (1,800), Hyundai (1,640), Kia (1,500) and Rivian (1,000). Autonomy even placed smaller orders with startups like VinFast (400), Canoo (100) and Fisker (100) that haven’t started producing cars yet.

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact percentage for 22,790 EVs. Americans bought more than 400,000 EVs last year, which was more than 80 percent growth over 2020. Fortunately, vehicles Autonomy purchases are not being taken out of the market entirely. You’ll just have to access them through their app. And, hey, it may be a better deal than paying an outrageous dealer markup or buying a used EV getting flipped at auction.


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These Are the Best Board Shorts Money Can Buy

Board shorts are a staple of warm-water surfing. The trunks’s design has developed in tandem with the sport as it expanded through the latter half of the 20th century. Now, an infusion of new materials and technology offer performance that traditional nylon board shorts just can’t match. Bonded seams, water-resistant treatments, stretch fabric and laser-cut details are defining the new breed of performance trunks. One of the best examples is the Apex Trunk from OuterknownKelly Slater’s signature board short. While the price — the solid black colorway costs $145 — is far greater than traditional trunks, the features and performance follow suit. These aren’t your traditional trunks, and that’s a good thing.

Outerknown Apex Trunks by Kelly Slater


Apex Trunks By Kelly Slater

Key Specs

Material: 86 percent recycled polyester, 8 percent recycled spandex, 6 percent spandex with PFOA-free DWR
Construction: Bonded, stitch-free seams
Pocket: Welded back pocket with an Aquaguard zipper and internal bungee key ring
Length: 19-inch outseam
Colorways: 17

Our Hands-On Review


On test day, the waves in the New York area weren’t anything to write home about. The Atlantic was as flat as a lake. I slotted a few times to get out, though, and I made sure to bring the Apex Trunks with me to test. And full disclosure: I’m not a highly gifted surfer who’s devoted his life to the waves. I was introduced to surfing relatively late, comparatively, but it’s become a significant part of my life. Over the years I’ve worn a number of different board shorts in the water, but most recently I’ve been alternating between a traditional pair of Birdwell’s and a modern pair from Volcom. The Apex Trunk from Outerknown is at another level though.

Designed by 11-time surfing world champion Kelly Slater, the trunks are made from a 4.9-ounce recycled-polyester fabric that features four-way stretch (14 percent spandex) and PFOA-free DWR treatment. This performance fabric is both stretchy, water-resistant and in line with Outerknown’s sustainable practices. Another significant feature is the stitch-free bonded seams that make chafing a thing of the past. To help with ventilation, the trunks also include laser-cut details at the side seam.

The Apex Trunks are sleek and minimal; they aren’t weighed down with details aimed at the casual beachgoer. The only pocket they include is a stitch-free back pocket that includes an Aquaguard zipper and internal key ring. A cool aside is that the trunks pack into the back pocket for travel, a condensed way to transport your board shorts. Available in five colorways, the trunk retails for $125 (blacked-out colorway) and $145 (color-blocked options).

Using the Apex trunk was a bit of a revelation. While the Atlantic’s waves weren’t pumping, I still managed to spend long days at the beach with my groveler. The trunks were comfortable and non-restrictive. They remained light after hours in the water and the fit was ideal. Fastening with both velcro and a double-lace closure, the trunk didn’t falter under through hours of use. I honestly didn’t even think about them after a while, but that’s perhaps the best part. They allow you to focus on yourself, the ocean and the next set of waves.

The Good

These board shorts are lightweight, flexible and breathable. Because they feature bonded, stitch-free seams, they eliminate chances of seam-chafing, something bound to happen while living in your trunks on a surf trip or long weekend. The slimmed-down construction also allows these to be packed into their back pocket for travel, an efficient way to bring your trunks anywhere. On top of the well-thought-out design, the Apex Trunks fit into Outerknown’s sustainable ethos of ethical manufacturing and responsible materials.

Who They’re For

As the price implies, these aren’t your everyday board shorts. They’re designed for someone who spends a lot of time in the water and needs a lightweight and durable short that won’t slow them down. The added stretch — 14 percent Spandex — allows for ease of motion both in and out of the water. These aren’t a hybrid short designed for all-day wear and lack functional lifestyle features like a working fly and side pocket — they’re made for performance in the water.

The Bad

Make sure you check Outerknown’s sizing chart before ordering because these aren’t as adjustable in the waist as traditional board shorts. I found that they fit true-to-size, but it’s worth double-checking your measurements before ordering. As these are designed for performance, they don’t have side pockets. So, if that’s a deal-breaker, check out some of the other Outerknown options. For a trunk focused on stitch-less construction, there is one anomaly: the care tag is stitched to a small portion of the inner waistband. While it didn’t cause irritation when I used the trunk, it may for some people.


If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the water during the warmer months, these shorts are hard to beat. They offer performance-driven features, modern design and ethical manufacturing in a package that’s very fairly priced compared to the competition. If you suffer from chafing in traditional shorts, you’ll definitely appreciate these stitch-free seams. While they certainly cost more than traditional styles, you’re getting a lot more for your money.

What Other Experts Are Saying

• “We’re looking at 9/10 for overall use and 10/10 for this amazing construction, for an eco-friendly premium boardshort.” — Goofyfoot George, YouTube


If you’re into Outerknown’s sustainable mission and don’t need a board short that’s so performance-oriented, they make more affordable options: the Apex Hybrid Trunk ($128), Tasty Scallop Trunk ($128) and Nomadic Volley ($78).

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These Are The UK’s Most & Least Expensive Cities For Students

Cardiff has been named the UK’s least expensive city for students, while Edinburgh has been named the most expensive.

According to the Natwest Student Living Index 2022, Edinburgh is the only city where student spending actually outweighs their income. Students in the Scottish capital shell out an average of £950 a month on rent and other living costs, but their income is only £935 a month, leaving a £15 shortfall.

In Cardiff, students spend an average of £1,040 per month on rent and other living costs, but their income is £2,240, meaning they have a lot more financial leeway.

Check out the 10 least expensive cities for students below.

1. Cardiff
2. Cambridge
3. Southampton
4. Sheffield
5. Coventry
6. York
7. Durham
8. Oxford
9. Bristol
10. Birmingham

After Edinburgh, the most expensive cities for students are Glasgow, Leeds, Canterbury and London. Last year, London was named the most expensive place to study, so it’s at least moving in the right direction.

Across the UK as a whole, the average student derives nearly half (49%) of their income from student loans. Students in Manchester and London are most reliant on parental support to make ends meet.

The average student rent is now £455 a month, which is down 12% on last year, thankfully. Manchester and Coventry have the highest student rents of anywhere in the country.

Laura Behan, Head of NatWest Student Accounts, said in response to the results: “Despite the cost of living increasing dramatically, we’ve not seen that hit students quite as hard as may have been expected this year.

“Rents were set well in advance of the academic year and inflation increased much later into the academic year. However, with the cost of living increasing, especially as we look towards the start of the new university year in September, it is vital that students properly manage their finances.”

Indeed, more than a third of students (35%) said they find themselves running out of money by the end of term, which is 8% higher than in 2021. Meanwhile, 88% of students said they have changed their lifestyle to make sure they stay within their budget: another example of Gen Z being very financially prudent.

Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?


Balenciaga Drops Its Wild FW22 Denim Pants-Top, Price

Just when you thought Balenciaga didn’t have any more wild drops up its XXL sleeves, the Parisian house said, “but, wait, there’s more.”

With autumn just around the corner, Balenciaga has begun rolling out its collection for the season.

In addition to more skin-tight Knife boots and popular Le Cagole bags, the Demna-led brand also dropped its unhinged denim pants-top.

At first, Balenciaga’s jeans-top looks like an average distressed denim skirt. Then I remembered: normalcy isn’t in Balenciaga’s dictionary.

On the side, it seems like Balenciaga’s denim pants-top bears risqué cutouts. Until I discovered that those slashes were actually armholes.

Priced at $1,590 (plus a $795 down payment), Balenciaga’s jeanstop also comes with customary back pockets and a brown branded leather patch. It even has a functioning fly for, erm, V-neck sensibility, I’m guessing.

Balenciaga‘s jeans-top — available for pre-order at Moda Operandi’s website — emulates the vibe of a new Julia Fox DIY hack for a morning-after look.

Why borrow clothes from a fling when last night’s denim skirt can turn the walk-of-shame into a runway? That surely sounds like something the Highsnobiety-deemed adult crafter would say.

Balenciaga’s denim pants-top debuted during the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 presentation, where models struggle-strutted in the chaotic top and ultra-baggy jeans through a Demna-made snow storm.

Fast forward to May, there goes the pants-top again, this time worn by Alexa Demie at the house’s SS23 show at the New York Stock Exchange.

Known to churn out noteworthy looks,Euphoria star made the unusual top actually look…fly. No surprises there.

After all, Demie plays a stylish character on the hit HBO series alongside castmates who are also equally well-dressed IRL.

She was bound to turn the piece into an iconic moment.

Balenciaga, you certainly have another wild product on your hands with the launch of the denim pants-top.

Indeed, people may think Balenciaga’s latest drop is trash like its others. Well, wait until they feast their eyes on its literal $1,790 garbage.


One Airtag Can Save You From This Travel Nightmare

It’s no secret that the aviation industry — although many others — have been disrupted by COVID-19. During the height of the pandemic, lockdowns forced airlines to make layoffs, shrinking the industry’s labor force. When demand came roaring back, few, if any, airlines were ready. That’s how we got here.

In April, a quarter of all flights were delayed. Over 2 percent were cancelled altogether. 220,000 suitcases were lost in transit, a 135 percent jump year-over-year. Since then, things have only gotten worse. In July, Delta, facing an overstock of of-course suitcases, flew a plane filled with 1,000 bags but no passengers from London to Detroit.

Worried yours will be next? That’s fair, even if less than 0.5 percent of all luggage is lost. Even though plenty of airlines offer spaces within their apps to track your bag(s) as you board, land and deplane, it’s still worth of mind to have something (or something) on the inside to double check — and you can.

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Aviation analyst and travel journalist Alex Macheras was able to track down his friends’ bag using a surprising tech accessory: an Apple AirTag. His friend, who’d flown to him from Paris, landed without luggage, but the airline insisted it had been loaded onto the plane. Essentially, she was shit out of luck. Macheras, however, managed to prove the bag was left behind at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, a Twitter thread of his revealed. The airline overnighted the bag, and she received it the next day.

In this scenario, it wasn’t the attendant in her destination’s fault the bag was falsely reported as having arrived, and they couldn’t offer much assistance even if she insisted the bag never dropped onto a baggage claim belt. Maybe another passenger took it by mistake. Or, perhaps it’s still circling a different station. Both are plausible scenarios, and if you don’t have an AirTag in your bag you’d never know the truth. You’d file a claim, fetch yourself a cab and wait for the airline to recoup your property.


The Find My app will know whether the bag is at home, hiding somewhere in the airport or at a different one altogether.

Evan Malachosky

To avoid this fate, order yourself an Apple AirTag ($29) and a case with some sort of chain. Next, find something within your suitcase to attach it to. Don’t just throw it in or put it in the pocket of pants you packed. If your bag is randomly selected for a deeper security search, you run the risk of it falling out if the bag is emptied entirely or accidentally spilled. By latching it onto a handle or hook, you know it’ll stay in there even if TSA rummages through it before it’s loaded onto the plane.

In the Find My app, you can name the AirTag as you so please: you could call it “Noel’s Luggage,” like my girlfriend Noel did, or something clever like “The Briefcase.” Your call, but the app will know when it’s at home with you, toppled over on the tarmac or shipped off to some faraway airport you never planned on stepping foot in — even when your airline your airline doesn’t.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Native Union Curve AirTag Case in Black at Nordstrom

Native Union Classic Leather AirTag Case

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Nike’s AMBUSH-esque Dunk High Navy Sneakers: Release Date, Price

For a second there, I excitedly thought AMBUSH’s Nike Dunk Highs were getting restocked. However, I realized Nike hit me with Welven Harris’ “got ’em” once I got a better look at the latest Dunks.

Nike’s Dunk train is still chugging along as the Swoosh unveiled official images of another new Dunk colorway. And let’s just say, they look reallll familiar.

For the latest Dunk High, Nike gave the silhouette a navy blue, black, and white paint job, reminiscent of Yoon Ahn’s “Deep Royal” spin on the model. Talk about Dunk-jà vu.

Nike’s diet AMBUSH Dunks drops Ahn’s tasteful updates, like the motorcycle-inspired extended Swoosh, squishy foam tongue, and exposed ridges on the ankle.

AMBUSH branding is also absent, of course. Otherwise, we’d be discussing a restock here, people.

Sure, the sneakers aren’t precisely like Ahn’s take on the timeless Swoosh silhouette. But judging off color scheme alone, Nike’s forthcoming Dunk High oozes major AMBUSH vibes.

I mean, the footwear brand could’ve at least used a different shoe this go-around.

Nike‘s AMBUSH-lites certainly aren’t surprising to me. The Swoosh often doubles back to reissue slightly-tweaked colorways from previous hyped collaborations.

For instance, the Air Jordan 4 “Shimmer” looked real Off-White “Sail” -ish. The Nike Air Max 97 “Bred” just dropped as an exorcised, blood-free version of the Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s Satan shoe. Then, there were the Cactus Jack-esque Air Jordan 1 Low “Mocha” sneakers. The list goes on.

For crying out loud, the sportswear giant turned its Blue Ribbon SBs into what Gen Z would call poor man’s sacai x Nike Cortez. And the sacai sneakers aren’t even out yet!

Alas, the Nike Dunk High “Navy Blue” is just another instance of the Swoosh attempting to fly solo without the help of its collaborative band members.

The question is: will Nike successfully be a one-man show on release day like Justin Timberlake or flop without its NSYNC partners? We’ll certainly see on the Dunk’s pending drop date.