Pick Cafeteria Foods, And We’ll Guess Your Home State

Pick Cafeteria Foods, And We’ll Guess Your Home State


6 Samoan Foods That Will Become Your New Favourite Thing To Eat

It’s Pacific Islander week at BuzzFeed Australia — which means we’re celebrating Islander-Aussie culture. Today, we tried some delicious Samoan foods — and let’s just say, they’re going to be your new favourite things to eat.

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Here are some of our favourites!


Palusami and kalo (taro leaves with coconut cream and taro)


Fa’ausi (coconut and pumpkin bread in caramel sauce)


Supaketi pisupo (spaghetti and cornbeef with rice)


Sapasui and falifu fa’i (Samoan chop suey and cream banana)


And finally, Koko alaisa (Samoan cocoa rice)

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This is shockingly accurate.

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34 Valentine’s Day Gifts If Food Is Their Love Language

Fishwife is a new female-founded and led food company aiming to make ethically sourced, premium, and delicious tinned seafood a staple in every cupboard.

This salmon is sourced directly from Kvarøy Arctic, fed a sustainable, nutrient-rich diet, raised without antibiotics or chemicals, smoked in small batches over a mix of beech, maple, and birch wood, hand-packed, and canned by fifth-generation family-run cannery on the central coast of Washington.

I love salmon. Raw, smoked, grilled, baked, fried — I love it all. So when my friend gifted me this tinned smoked salmon, my curiosity was piqued. The packaging was so adorable, I wondered if the fish would measure up to the presentation. Spoiler alert: It absolutely did. I was used to smoked salmon coming in relatively thin slices. These were thick, meaty chunks that reminded me of the texture of my girlfriend’s dad’s homemade gravlax. The flavor was fresh yet smoky (but not overwhelmingly so), a little sweet, a little salty, and full of umami. It’s great atop rice, toast, bagels, salad — you name it!

Promising review: “Soooo yummy 🙂 I’m so glad I found Fishwife! You’ve made my quick “what’s to eat” decisions so much easier! Delicious on a salad (makes an instant meal!), on crackers with olives, on a sandwich with a ripe tomato, just can’t go wrong! The fact that these are whole chunks of salmon, marinated in Fishwifey magic sets it apart from any other form of salmon I’ve ever tried. Bought myself a dozen cans for my birthday, I love it so much. Never stop making this, please. 😻” —Renee B.

Shipping info: Orders will ship out within one week of purchase (heads up that Fishwife doesn’t ship on weekends). Please allow 2–7 business days for UPS delivery. Visit Fishwife’s FAQ page for more info, and if you’re concerned about it arriving on time, you can get a digital gift card instead!

Get a pack of three from Fishwife for $33.


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I think it’s safe to say we *all* love comfort foods!

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48 Products That’ll Help You Break Up With Takeout

My colleague Emma Lord (pictured above) is ready to divulge why this stuff is so great: 

“Okay, I bought this on a whim because there’s a sushi place down the street from me that makes truffle avocado sushi rolls and I was like, ‘I need these in my life, but I also need money to live.’ I decided to DIY it with a regular $4 avocado roll, and this seasoning and the umami bliss of it all basically exploded my brain. Since then, I’ve tried it on eggs, on burritos, on potatoes, on chocolate mug cakes — pretty much every sweet and savory thing I can think of. The best part is you really get an excellent bang for your buck; it’s so flavorful that I’ve been using this for months now and have barely made a dent in the container!” 

Promising review: “Yes, I’m a truffle lover to begin with. And, of course, only a truffle is a truffle. But I gotta tell ya this delectable heaven-sent powder is one heck of a more versatile option. Utterly AMAZING on popcorn, in eggs, added to soups and sauces to layer flavors, veggies, PASTA… The list is endless (I think the only thing I haven’t tried was sprinkling it on ice cream…although LOL). It is a bit salty so I advise testing the waters first. But I just ordered my 9th and 10th bottle of the Truffle Zest.” —Greengirl

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


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Cake is sweet, but your future is sweeter!

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Mimosas with a side of Jason Momoa!

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Taste the rainbow!

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