Eat At A Huuuuuuge Korean Buffet And I'll Reveal Which "Stranger Things" Character Is Secretly In Love With You

Korean food and Stranger Things, my two favorite things!

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Make A Thanksgiving Meal To Reveal Your Zodiac Sign

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“It’s Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving for everybody. Except for Europeans!”

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39 Small Tips That'll Inspire You To Refresh Your Kitchen

Tidy up your tea collection, finally rid your stainless-steel appliances of fingerprints, and file away your pots and pans lids so you’ll have a nicer view while you heat up some ramen.

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Eat Your Way Through The Day And We'll Reveal Your True Hogwarts House Once And For All

Hufflepuff’s love eggs!

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Plan Cabin Getaway Get Soup To Make

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Bonus points if you make the soup in a cabin!

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31 Small Products From Walmart That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look So Much Better

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Gross Food Combinations Reddit


“Peanut butter sandwich with a bowl of chili. Grill the peanut butter sandwich like you would with a regular grilled cheese. So good.”


“Buttered and salted popcorn in a bowl with milk poured on it.”


“It’s three ingredients, but white rice, soy sauce, and a banana. I prefer the mini bananas, but they aren’t always available. It was a staple food in my household when I was growing up because we were poor. It stills slaps, though!”


“Corn dogs dipped in mayonnaise.”


“Fish sauce and caramel. Similar to salted caramel but with another depth of flavor thanks to the umami from the fish sauce. The sweet and salty combination goes great on desserts like ice cream and basque cheesecake.”


“Gumbo with a big scoop of potato salad in it. This isn’t weird at all if you’re from Louisiana, but I’ve had other people say it’s extremely weird.”


“Saltines and sweetened condensed milk.”


“Vanilla ice cream and chili crisp.”


“Blue cheese and gingersnaps.”


“Strawberry preserves on any breakfast sandwich (like a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with preserves as condiment on the bread).”


“Hot apples and melted cheese. Most non-foodie people think that one is gross. Melt you a slice of some sharp white cheddar on some apple pie or apple crumble.”


“Strawberry ice cream with Lay’s potato chips.”


“Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich. My grandma was eating this one day and I was like yuck! She said, ‘Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.’ I tried it and it’s delicious.”


“Feta cheese and melon.”


“Red wine and Coca-Cola.”


“Cream cheese and olives! My favorite childhood sandwich filling.”


“Macaroni and cheese with tuna fish.”


“Cornbread dipped in milk.”


“Olive oil (a good brand) on vanilla ice cream sprinkled with sea salt. “


“Cottage cheese and Tabasco sauce.”


“Technically three foods…but frozen meatballs, grape jelly, and chili sauce.”


“Candy corn mixed with salted roasted peanuts.”

What’s a gross-sounding food combination you love that other hate? Comment below!


21 Worst Home Cooking Fails Stories

“I looked over at my grandma mortified. Since she raised me and we were always in the kitchen together, she drilled into me about cleanliness with cooking. The sink was ALWAYS considered very dirty even if it was clean. A blueberry fell in the sink? It got re-washed; that’s just how Grandma was. Sink=dirty. 

“I just couldn’t get over my kid brain freaking out about how gross the sink is. People seemed to really enjoy the pasta, but I spit it out. That upset the host, but I just told my grandma I could ‘taste the sink’ and cried. She didn’t make me eat more — in fact, she didn’t even have any. Some of the other guests started asking questions about why I said the pasta tasted like the sink when it was in a bowl (it was transferred to a bowl before the guests showed up). So, the host had to explain sink pasta. People didn’t touch it much after that.”



Cashiers Are Sharing Items They Judge People For Buying


“When I was a cashier on the express lane, I would silently judge the people that told me to wait while scanning their items to ‘grab a few more things.’ A normal lane with a giant cart and only missing one thing is relatively okay, but the express lane? Judgment.”