21 Worst Home Cooking Fails Stories

“I looked over at my grandma mortified. Since she raised me and we were always in the kitchen together, she drilled into me about cleanliness with cooking. The sink was ALWAYS considered very dirty even if it was clean. A blueberry fell in the sink? It got re-washed; that’s just how Grandma was. Sink=dirty. 

“I just couldn’t get over my kid brain freaking out about how gross the sink is. People seemed to really enjoy the pasta, but I spit it out. That upset the host, but I just told my grandma I could ‘taste the sink’ and cried. She didn’t make me eat more — in fact, she didn’t even have any. Some of the other guests started asking questions about why I said the pasta tasted like the sink when it was in a bowl (it was transferred to a bowl before the guests showed up). So, the host had to explain sink pasta. People didn’t touch it much after that.”



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